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Government Of Assam Department of Welfare of Plain Tribes & Backward Classes Directorate of Assam Institute of Research For Tribals & Scheduled Castes

New Initiatives cum Achievements

New initiatives

Capacity building Training Programme

The Research and training requirements of the Government Departments have increased by leaps and bounds and there is high demand for new and innovative capacity building initiatives in the various subject areas in order to equip the Government servants with the requisite knowledge base and skills in order to keep pace with the changing times and to evaluate the development being implemented by the Development Department for the SC, ST, OBC and other deprived and disadvantaged groups. Accordingly apart from skill development training programme a new module of capacity building training programme covering Government servants, NGO workers, Civil Society representatives, traditional or customary tribal bodies etc.

Language training Programme

Ethnically all the tribes of Assam are of Mongoloid origin but from the linguistic point of view they differ from each other to a some extent. As a part of our strategies to preserve, disseminate and develop better understanding about tribal language AIRTSC has introduced a week long ethnic language training programme on a particular language Assam for the first time.

Government Rule and Scheme base Seminar/ Talk

The Assam Institute of Research for Tribals and Scheduled Castes has been making a conscious effort to upgrade the knowledge and skills of officers/staff engaged in implementation of various ST/SC related rule and implementation of the development schemes to bring about an attitudinal change in them to adapt to the changing times.

Collaborative effort

AIRTSC is engaged in collaborative activities with other training institutes/organizations of repute, which would facilitate the exchange of ideas and innovations and contribute significantly to the overall capacity-building of government functionaries.

Library Automation

The AIRTSC library is in the process of being digitalized. Already its search function is upgraded to library automation.

Creation of AIRTSC Society

The AIRTSC has proposed to form a society within the Directorate of AIRTSC to undertake a comprehensive process of diversification and revamping along the lines of other premier training institutes of the country. Functional autonomy would also lead to substantial increase in the quality and quantity of the training programmes. It will also make it easier for the Institute to engage in collaborative activities with other training institutes/organizations.